February 2014

Bellingham Fashion

Staying warm is still on the top of every fashion lover’s mind. As we dream of spring, we’re still not ready to banish our sweaters or retire the scarves to the depths of our closets. In the Pacific Northwest and Lower Mainland, staying warm with style has never been a [...]

February 27, 2014


Zen Ritual by Thomas G. Hadley Irony is the salt, our hubris the oil, in which, (together), we dip our broken bread… What is the sensation of one hand clasping?   Drunk College Boys Approach the Bartender by Jessica Lohafer “Do you mind if we sit here? You’re too [...]

February 7, 2014

Elisha Loves Love

Dear Elisha: My wife is a crafter. Well, not really. She loves to buy rooms full of crafting gear, but they are just sitting there, gathering dust and costing me money. What can I do about this obsession with filling rooms full of stuff? —Going Crafter Crazy Dear Going Crafter [...]

February 5, 2014