Abandon the Hopeless

by Thomas G. Hadley

Abandon the Hopeless.

Write, in hope against all lack of Hope!

Dream, whilst dreaming your Dream comes true…

Give a caress to a loved one

Glance at the Sun setting on the range way away… Live

in the Snow of the Mountain

Glee in the Birdsong barely caught upon your Way!

Observe that last Rose budding upon the driveway,

The Fir, who is gleaning her rust leaves away…

Hail, the Dawning of the Morning!

Your Love, your Life,

is only a Breath Away!

“Breathe in deep/the gathering Gloom

Watch lights fade from every room…”

[Knights In White Satin: The Moody Blues].

Be at Peace, my Sister, my Brother.

Surely, you will come unto your Blessing.


by Thomas G. Hadley