Edison’s elbow makes for a unique stop in Skagit Valley

I recall first encountering the village of Edison, Washington by accident, after taking an alternate route to Bellingham, Washington one sunny afternoon. I was driving with my family from Anacortes and my wife started telling me how much she loved this little place, but that she [...]

March 2, 2017

Alternative Holiday Shopping: Buying Handmade

Holiday. Shopping. Two small words that conjure memories of late night trips to department stores, panicked brainstorming to find something for the last person on your list, and anxiously watching the mail carrier arrive without the packages you ordered weeks ago. This year, [...]

November 12, 2014

Bellingham Fashion

Staying warm is still on the top of every fashion lover’s mind. As we dream of spring, we’re still not ready to banish our sweaters or retire the scarves to the depths of our closets. In the Pacific Northwest and Lower Mainland, staying warm with style has never been a [...]

February 27, 2014