Harris Avenue Cafe: Connect With a Side of Eggs

by Mr. E Dear Reader

Have you ever heard of the saying “of all sorts”? As I walk across a wooden floor, slightly slanting to my left, I find myself in an open room filled with all sorts. To my left there is a fireplace plugged into the wall. To my right, there are paintings on the wall from an artist somewhere in the City of Bellingham who is losing sleep from the thought of their art being stared at by all, that walk through the door behind me. Now here is what history can show us. In the end of the 1880s Fairhaven, Washington (aka Fairhaven Village) was founded, which is now part of the City of Bellingham. Kitty-corner to the shores of Puget Sound, a rural treasure-town landscape sets our scene. You will find the modest district of “Fairhaven” rich with History and sub-city culture. Old crooked brick line the block with remnants of trolley tracks. Right on the corner of 11th St. & Harris Ave., an open-windowed building buzzes with caffeinated locals and intrigued passersby folk. Omnivores and vegetarians are welcomed with a diverse home-cooked menu without compromising the weight of their wallets (i.e. affordable). Enjoy the eggs benny coated silky tomato champagne sauce or luscious blueberry pancakes. There is also a burger on the menu that you will never forget.

From the in-house fresh baked cookies to the Soup du Jour, one can find something to start their day or catch up with an old friend over drink and food at the Harris Ave Cafe’. The interior itself is a hodgepodge of eclectic, modest, kitschy, conversation starters. The high ceilings allow an open-minded vibe to set the tone of your time at this quaint cafe. Finding a seat will not be difficult and for wallflowers, front row window seats are available throughout the whole building. The interior color palette chosen houses a warm and time-slowing scene to help locals and travelers take a few steps back from their day to look at the whole picture, through binoculars made out of coffee cups and charming customer service.

The Coffee is provided by Tony’s Coffee which is just a 10-step journey next door. If you want local, this is as local it can get in this close-knit community. Tony’s Coffee is a staple of Fairhaven and Bellingham folk alike, many local businesses hear Tony’s Coffee as a household name. Now as to why a human should find themselves in a gem that is The Harris Ave Cafe’ or any other local business community, one word: ”connection”. To be connected to the people and the environment of our choosing is a goal of all those seeking to find something they enjoy, but have never seen, tasted, smelled, or heard before. We the people of Bellingham, Washington welcome “all sorts” to sit, stand, or wait in line, shoulder to shoulder in the everlasting journey that is daily life. Be different, be modest, be a strong cup of coffee; it’s up to you, reader. Be a treasure-hunter and see if our gem collections match up at the end of the road.

Modestly yours, Mr. E _____________________________________________________