Howling on The Road

by Thomas G. Hadley M.S.Ed (Sec.)

Howling on The Road - --------------------------

Yes, amid the flotsam/jetsam of consciousnesses

are certain finesses 

which elucidate the primate

within us! 

our moons, our stars,

our visceral reactions are melded

into the voiced words around a fire

burning tiger-bright in the

reflected glow in that 

wondrous Night!

OH! Claim your brilliance, speak your visions

of kingdoms, of minions, of raving hermits in

you cyberspace, in our philosophers' cave, 
sing of this amid the

tintinnabulation of cacophonous & 

discordant symphonies!

Be a  human-voiced cetacean,
Be the Muse yourself!

'Tis only our tedious declensions 
that  muddle these
visions sent from Heaven;         
why do we meddle
and quibble amongst ourselves 'bout what is truly, 
truly True?

It's all about the space between me an' you

which really is no space at all:

at least, you know that this is True.
	by Thomas G. Hadley M.S.Ed (Sec.)