Infusion Cuisine: Meet me in the middle

By Catherine Carroll

Infusion Cuisine gets its name from the mouth-watering menu items from three diverse cultures. Having been trained in Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisine, head Chef Eduardo Diego decided to bring all three flavors together to create a truly unique dining experience. Initially, this idea left me skeptical; in my previous experiences, restaurants that try to mix food genres are viewed as having an unclear vision, and the quality of food and overall dining experience suffers accordingly. Infusion does not fall victim to these problems. The food during my visit surpassed all my expectations.

Once my tablemates and I had all arrived, we were offered selections from each of the three cuisines. From the Asian side, we tried the Kung Pao Chicken, which had delicious flavor and a bounty of fresh vegetables mixed in with the chicken. From Chef Eduardo’s native Mexico, we were served the fish tacos and the Carne Asada. The meat in the Carne Asada was tender and juicy and the fish tacos were packed with flavor. I happen to be a huge fan of guacamole (but who isn’t?) and theirs was amazing. Even though writing about all of these meals is making my mouth water at the thought of them, the standout of the night for me came from the Italian side of the menu. On your first trip to Infusion Cuisine, I recommend trying the Penne Creamy Pistachio Pesto. Like the name suggests, the pesto sauce is deliciously creamy and the addition of pistachios makes this pesto stand out against others. What really sold Infusion to me was the fact that you can’t go wrong with whichever cuisine you select.

Chuckanut_Writers_Conference-400x400-optimizedChef Eduardo has crafted an ever-changing beautiful menu, and the love he has for cooking comes through in each dish. The prices are also very affordable and fair – which says a lot coming from a recent college graduate who is living on a tight budget. Dinner entrees are anywhere from $11.99 to $16.99, so whether it’s date night, family dinner night, or friends night out, Infusion won’t break the bank.

Infusion is located off of Hannegan Road in a small convenience shopping and dining area just south of Lynden proper. The space is small yet cozy, with the interior being clean and bright. The atmosphere of the restaurant allows for every dining experience and decision to feel appropriate – never once will you feel like the guy who ordered a burger at a sushi bar.

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