by Thomas G. Hadley and Jessica Lohafer

Zen Ritual
by Thomas G. Hadley
Irony is the salt, our hubris the oil, in
which, (together),
we dip our broken bread…
What is the sensation of
one hand clasping?


Drunk College Boys Approach the Bartender
by Jessica Lohafer

“Do you mind if we sit here?
You’re too cute to be working alone.”

“What world dropped you behind this bar,
limping and tired?”

“We are best friends, my friend and I,
but we aren’t gay. Really, we’re not gay.”

“We are friends, but we aren’t gay,
I swear to god. You remind me,”

“Of my sister, is that strange?
Did you go to high school with her, in the county?”

“I guess you could say we are the more conservative type.”

“I am in love with a woman who’s dating a
drug dealer that she doesn’t care about.”

“It’s fine. What’s your name?
We shouldn’t be bothering you,”

“You’re too nice, you don’t want
to deal with two guys like us.”

“I just like putting my hand
on my friend’s back, that’s all.”

“I’ve never met a Jessica I didn’t like
and I’ve never loved a man, don’t worry.”