Two Haiku and Blues

Two Haiku and Blues


				for brother zen hernan
                        spring evensong plaint
                        frog seminary chants long
                        gray sky's water blue

                        for A.J.'s canal song
                        summer-sleep snorings
                        sound sibilantly, sighings
                        rustling magnolias


  “Ain't Nuthin' New Blues”
                        sing dem ol' blues 'til
                        you git da news,
				 ain't nuthin' new
                        from Adam to Abel to Cain to CNN news,
                        from Lilith, to Eve, to Eva Marie-Saint,
                        to Jack's itch and Marilyn's complaint;
                        'taint nuthin' but them vuvlva-root blues 'taint nuthin' 
                        but you got to do is choose.

                        You doz with it an' without it,
                        ain't no sinnin' about it,
                        but man has got to have it,
                        or just sing all around it...
                        it ain't jus' nuthin' but dem ol'
                        shaky-breaky blues...
                        from yer hat to yer shoes

                        shake 'em, break 'em,
                        tell yer Soul you'll take 'em
                        to St. Vinnie's an' sell 'em....
                        youse back on de street
                        smellin' yer feet
                        and Four Roses won't cure 'em...