“UNO to Another” (A Sonnet from within the Mirror)


                        "UNO to Another" (A Sonnet from within the Mirror)

                        You know, (you know), that you KNOW; (seems 'tis So).
                        Our Consciousness flies high, dips low, yet goes
                        Most oftenly with least resistance-flow:
                        Again, relapse into "I just don't Know." 

                        Shall you conceal from yourself the Nature
                        Derived therefrom YOUR Very Soul? Pray Not!
                        Shall You so deny your Heart's assurance?
                        If you shan't dance with whom you've got, Ol' Tot, 

                        It's sure you'll have what you would not, Braveheart!                        				You cannot judge Intelligence by what 
                        it has not got, but by what It does do Own!
                        Otherwise, your Wisdom all comes to Naught!

                        Your brain does cringe, consciousness start to itch:
                        "Oh God, Humility is just such a Bitch!"

      H.G. Hadley