H.G Hadley


                         OH! Brother, Sister, Veteran

                        of such Holy/Hellish Wars!

                        Stand down

                        I say

                        Stand down...

                        Forgiveness breaks spider-strong

                        webs of pain...

                        it cracks open the 

                        black-iron egg of Self...with Light!

                        would that I could Be

                        in This Moment

                        rather than in that 

                        which was, or could have been...

                        rather than that which

                        I expect, I dream, I dwell in

                        as a better Reality

                        and see

                        that I am blind 

                        to everything happening

                        within me/without me/....

                        "My Father is of the Sky

                        My Mother is of the Earth

                        I am of the Universe

                        and You know what that's worth" *


                        *John Lennon, 'White Album' '68 Apple Records
H.G Hadley